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Our new Product Release


Design Basins


VitrA Design Basins
offer users and specifiers a variety of washbasin options
with unique contours and multi-purposes.

Just like a design object, they enhance the opulence of the bathrooms.

Mix and Match
Blend and Balance.

VitrA Design basins offer the opportunity
to create a bathroom space that is intuitively tuned to the individual.

Lovingly created with the smallest attention to detail,
these basins complement perfectly our other ranges
or can be used individually
to satisfy your interior designs.

(click on the image to see our full collection range)

Geo Nuo Piu Due

Geo Collection                                               Nuo Collection                                     Piu Due Collection

Spacious design that provides                        Soft rectangular contours                   Distinct for their fine shallow
    convenience as well as a                           combining practicality and                 depths and intriguing choice of
contemporary look and feel to                     daily pleasure and also offer                      shapes such as circular,
            any bathroom.                                         dual-bowl options.                      elliptical, tear-drop and square.

Nuo Washbasin

VitrA Nuo Washbasin

Nuo Double Bowl Wall Basin  VitrA Nuo Double Bowl Wall Basin

VitrA Geo Round Bowl 

Geo Round Bowl

Geo Round Washbasin VitrA Geo Round Washbasin

Piu Due

VitrA Piu Due Circular Basin

Piu Due Circular Basin

Più Due Square Basin  VitrA Piu Due Square Basin

About VitrA



Enduring Values

VitrA is not only an inheritor of Anatolia’s millenia old ceramic art tradition, it is also steeped in the culture that gave birth to the delightfully purifying Turkish hamam experience. The precursor to the brand, Eczacıbaşı’s initial production facility was a small workshop launched in 1942 in a daring effort to supply the country with a variety of earthenware products that couldn’t be imported during the war years. After the war, economic revival was accompanied by a construction boom which led Eczacıbaşı to pioneer the domestic production of ceramic sanitaryware.

Contemporary in style and more hygienic than its traditional marble counterpart, ceramic proved hugely popular with consumers. In 1958 the company opened its first modern production plant dedicated to ceramic sanitaryware in response to surging demand.
By the year 1966 when VitrA was adopted as the brandname for Eczacıbaşı sanitaryware, the brand already had almost 25 years of history behind it as the uncontested leader of the domestic market. A high-achieving competitor in foreign markets since 1983, today VitrA is the leading global provider of a full range of bathroom components. 50% of the brand’s production is sold abroad through a powerful distribution network that includes over 150 showrooms and 2,000 sales points in major cities around the world.

Innovative, imaginative and passionate about quality, VitrA draws upon its proud heritage to create contemporary bathrooms with a universal appeal and a timeless promise of relaxed luxury.



Primary Source of New Pure Ideas

The superior quality and reliable versatility that are the hallmarks of the VitrA brand are firmly rooted in a long tradition for innovation. Every component of the bathroom benefits from VitrA’s strong focus on advanced technology and imaginative design as dedicated teams of VitrA product developers collaborate with top global experts to pioneer new pure ideas that enhance bathroom aesthetics and functionality.

Driven by a commitment to a sustainable future, VitrA has helped develop the Blue Life guidelines embraced by all Eczacıbaşı Building Products Division brands. Blue Life is an integrative approach to management, production and design. As a rigorously followed code of conduct, it not only curtails the environmental impact of production processes to a considerable degree, it also exerts a positive influence on consumption patterns with smart new product features that offer improved hygiene while saving power and water.

Contemporary product lines in a wide choice of attractive styles, meticulous workmanship and insightful responsiveness to evolving demand contribute to VitrA’s popularity with consumers and professionals alike. But the latter also appreciate the brand’s extraordinary production capabilities not to mention its far-reaching distribution and technical support network. VitrA offers professionals an unsurpassed product range that encourages and empowers creativity. Competent and cost-effective, VitrA is a highly sought after solution partner for architects, engineers and developers involved in prestigious projects across the world.



High Powered Perfection

Worldwide, VitrA is the sixth largest manufacturer in its sector. In fact, its output of 5 million pieces of ceramic sanitaryware a year is greater than that of the entire ceramic sanitaryware production of Germany. However, output alone is not the only reason VitrA’s manufacturing capabilities are significant. Carefully calibrated for minimal resource consumption, these cutting-edge factories and plants allow VitrA to produce sophisticated designs and maintain extremely high standards while progressively reducing the brand’s ecological footprint.

It's All About Inspiration


It begins with a vision. A vision of the bathroom as a living space – flexible, capable of growth, full of endless possibilities...

A mind’s eye picture of enchanting patterns and color combinations for wall and floor tiles that will deliver a finely tuned ambience. It involves identifying new directions, devising novel functions. It entails supplying architects, developers and decorators with the components and the ideas that will fire up their imagination as they plan and build the physical setting. It’s about creating a whole new bathroom experience.

To realise this ambition, VitrA employs a large inhouse design studio and collaborates with a world-class array of acclaimed industrial designers. These talented individuals not only improve product functionality with an eye towards sustainability, they also introduce a wholly original range of attractive choices in the bathroom and beyond.

VitrA is internationally recognized for its refined aesthetics, and the brand has garnered many of the world’s most prestigious design awards over the years: Wallpaper Design Award for Best Bathroom, Good Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, the Elle Decor International Design Award, Plus X, iF Design, Design Plus powered by ISH, Interior Innovation and Design Turkey award.


VitrA has a growing team of in-house designers that represent the backbone of its design philosophy and culture. Currently, the team has 10 experienced and award-winning members: Nisan Tunçak, Gürol Erkal, Tuğçe Karaca, Begüm Becermen, Alexandra Bakina, Erden Gülkan, Selma Gülkan, Tuba Büyükkaraduman, Ezgi Osmanoviç and Tekin Özkurt. In 2012, eight creations by these up and coming designers won 13 awards.



One of the most fascinating designers of the 21st century and recipient of countless awards, Ross Lovegrove creates sculptural and organic shapes using sophisticated technology and materials. His design concept ‘organic essentialism’ is inspired by elements from the natural world which are then reshaped into futuristic forms. Sharing VitrA’s passion for substantial innovation and design excellence, Ross Lovegrove represents the brand as its spokesperson in various platforms.


From her studio in Milan, Turkish designer Defne Koz works with world famous brands. Defne Koz participates in design exhibitions all across Europe, while her work regularly adorns the pages of prominent international publications.


Milan-based Matteo Thun + Partners is a studio of architecture, design and communication that refuses to be categorised in stylistic terms. This is the reason why the studio can approach such a wide variety and scale of work, ranging from hotels to coffee cups, with endless originality and vitality.



The German Design studio NOA specializes in designing new products, technologies and communication strategies. NOA’s fruitful collaboration with VitrA has created highly popular ranges such as Matrix, Retro, Nuova, S50, Shift, Espace, S20 and T4


As Europe’s leading company for holistic design and branding innovations, INDEED create compelling designs and powerful brand experiences.


A multi-disciplined designer involved in many fields, from product and furniture design to interior decoration, architecture, scenography and artistic direction, Pillet creates furniture, objects, and interior designs for some of the world’s leading brands. Pillet also realizes interior architecture for restaurants, boutiques and hotels such as Hotel Sezz in Paris. His close engagement with the fashion world is reflected in his choice of materials and forms. To quote Pillet, as a designer he seeks to express “simplicity, timeless design and a touch of distant elegance.”


A 2008 graduate of Moscow International Design School and the British Rhodec School of Interior Design, the young Russian designer Dima Loginoff has received more than a dozen international awards in just three years, and was nominated as the young designer of the year at Elle Decor International Design Awards twice in a row in 2009 and 2010.


Specialized in design strategy, graphics, product and interior design, Pentagon Design is a leading Finnish design agency. Winner of the prestigious iF Product Design, Red Dot and Design Plus awards, Pentagon Design starts with an understanding of clients’ business drivers as well as consumer perspectives to develop product strategies that engage the user, the service and the architectural space.

Experimenting with Elements


Long established as a front-runner in the sector with a disposition to develop and adopt boldly original materials and production techniques, VitrA now prepares to push the frontiers further at its brand new Innovation Center.

VitrA Innovation Center is in Bozüyük, Bilecik, Turkey built in close proximity to the main production plant. It is intended to serve as the headquarters of the brand’s R&D activities with a strong team mainly involved in Material and Process Development, Product Development and Technology Development. The center will also coordinate collaborative projects with universities and external consultants. From elemental dynamics to nanotechnology and electronics, every branch of science and industry is a candidate for exploration at VitrA Innovation Center, generating new tools and skills for VitrA as it redefines form and function in the contemporary bathroom.

Blue Life A Pledge to the Future


Key data in diverse fields indicate the world could be at a critical juncture in terms of sustainability. The future of our blue planet is at stake, and as a major producer in the durable goods sector with a global audience, VitrA is strongly aware of its responsibilities. Blue Life is a set of guidelines embraced by the entire Division to protect and preserve the living world. VitrA upholds Blue Life as a production, design and management approach – from the extraction of raw materials for production, all the way to the finished product in use.

VitrA plants are heavily invested in technologies that minimize resource use as well as improve recovery and recycling rates. Through a series of stringent measures, water use during production was cut by nearly a third while power consumption fell by 15% in all VitrA manufacturing sites in just the last three years.
Moreover, the brand promotes sustainability with all business partners, encouraging and guiding providers as they adopt higher standards. With its eco labels, VitrA is also raising its stakeholders and end-users awareness and engagement on green buildings.

At the product development front, VitrA is focused on reducing individual water consumption with smartly designed bathroom products and appliances. New designed sanitaryware by VitrA teams save over 190 tons of water a year at the end user level, ensuring significant reductions in power consumption and carbon emissions as well.

With more revolutionary products in the pipeline, VitrA continues to shape the future of the bathroom inspired by the Blue Life pledge for a world with a future.