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Introduction to our New Product Release



Optimum use of resources: HANSAPRIMO shows how it’s done.

Classic lines, but plenty of exciting contrast between plane geometrical surfaces and softly rounded volume.

HANSAPRIMO’s proportions are as modern as its watersaving capabilities for responsible use of our water resources.

More than just great looks – material, technology and workmanship are all of the highest quality.
Friendly, down-to-earth and clever!


Half is enough: Hansa Primo's pressure-independent flow restrictor

Water is our element. Therefore we have a special responsibility towards preserving the quality of this valuable resource which we use every day as a matter of course.

A special stream formation unit limits the flow rate from 12 l/min to 6 l/min for all HANSAPRIMO washbasin mixers.
Even though the flow rate is reduced by half, the stream remains pleasantly full-bodied.



Limiting the flow rate by means of a honeycomb shaped stream former:


All of the ranges fitted with Hansa Classic cartridge are provided with a honeycomb shape stream former that has been inspired by nature.

This stream former reduces the flow rate to 6 l/min.

The volume of the spray has actually been retained despite the actual flow rate being halved. 

The best decision – signed and sealed:

WELL – Water Efficiency Label – is a product classification system of the European sanitary valve industry.
It is intended as a guideline for buying decisions – particularly in terms of the responsible handling of water.

Classified in the categories “water volume (flow rate)” and “water temperature”, domestic sanitary valves can be awarded a maximum of 4 stars.

Our HANSAPOLO and HANSAPRIMO ranges have already been awarded for being one of the best, and a lot of other ranges are set to follow suit.



Hansa Primo Bathroom Products



Click here or on the image above to be directed to the Hansa Primo Bathroom Products

Hansa Primo Kitchen Mixer


 Click here or on the image above to be directed to the Hansa Primo Kitchen Mixer page


In terms of the design, quality and practical value: HANSAPRIMO Kitchen mixer is a feel-good fitting.

Its design has an all-round positive effect with the flat lever and the long swivel spout, whose upward movement makes a bold style statement.

The robust materials, the high-quality finish and the ultra-safe internal components are also a joy to use: to ensure ultimate drinking water quality HANSAPRIMO is equipped with the HANSAPROTEC system.








International set up with Oras Group: your strong partner with the brands Hansa and Oras

The Hansa Metallwerke AG belongs with its subsidiaries and Oras Ltd to the major european sanitary mixer manufacturer Oras Group. The Group is the market leader in the Nordic countries and a leader in Central Europe.
The head office of Oras Group is located in Rauma (Finland) and the factories are located in Burglengenfeld (Germany), Kralovice (Czech Republic), Olesno (Poland) and in Rauma. The Group operates with own staff in 20 markets.
The aggregated pro forma net sales of Oras Group in 2013 were 252.7 million euro and at the end of the financial period the Group employed 1400 people. Oras Group is owned by Oras Invest, a family company and an industrial owner.
With subsidiary companies and agencies in more than 60 different countries, HANSA Metallwerke AG is at home on the international stage. HANSA Group employs approx. 600 staff worldwide and numbers among the top 3 manufacturers of mixers in Germany and Austria. Founded in 1911, the company has been specialising in high-quality sanitary mixers since 1950. Together with the Finnish sanitary mixer manufacturer Oras, the market leader in northern Europe, the Stuttgart-based sanitaryware manufacturer is part of the new Oras Group which the two companies set up in September 2013.

Mixers for modern bathroom and kitchen worlds with design standard

With high quality materials, sophisticated technologies and attractively styled products HANSA Metallwerke AG has consistently set benchmarks in the industry. The numerous awards HANSA has won from established architectural and design institutions are testimony to the fact that the company numbers among the trendsetters in the field of design.
From visionary designer mixers through to proven, classic bathroom solutions, HANSA has the right mixer to suit all needs. Its product programme also includes a wide and varied range of kitchen mixers – all mixer products for the bathroom are also available for kitchens.
In public areas too, the well-established Stuttgart-based company banks on ageless design coupled with optimum comfort and rigorous functionality to transform public washing areas into comfort zones. In the hospital and care sector, HANSA focuses on hygiene, safety and intuitive operability for patients and care personnel alike.

Partner to craft specialists

Thanks to its durable, high-quality products HANSA made a name for itself as the craft brand at an early stage – and in 2014 was for the 19th time in succession voted the no. 1 specialist craft partner brand by dealers and fitters. Today too, its aim is to deliver the best quality available in the market-place in all respects.

Green responsibility

At HANSA sustainability and environmental protection are writ large.
The quality manufacturer has therefore been enhancing its range of water- and energy-saving products on an ongoing basis over the past few years. HANSA banks on intelligent technology and eco-functions such as water pressure-independent flow limitation to 6 litres per minute or hot water limiters to avoid wasting precious resources.
The company’s exemplary interaction with water and energy is documented not least by its internationally valid Water Efficiency Label (WELL): Numerous HANSA mixers already meet the top-marks requirements set by WELL and have been registered for certification.