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Our new Product Release

the industry’s number 1
Claiming to be number one is not a difficult thing to do.
Just do an internal selection of suitable parameters that will make you reach your required result.
But at HANSA it is played differently:
the professionals decide.
Because HANSA needs to know who the real number one is. Not for marketing reasons, but to have a transparant and realistic evaluation tool. By monitoring the quality as it is seen by professionals in the industry, Hansa keeps providing the best.
That is why HANSA managed to be the real number one for 40 consecutive years.
At HANSA it is played seriously.
Sanitary trade ranks HANSA as the industry’s number one
HANSA has been crowned as the victor for the 20th time in a row in a survey by the German industry service markt intern (mi). Thanks to this success story – unprecedented in the industry – the Stuttgart manufacturer is and will remain the “No. 1 Trade Partner” in Germany.
Every two years, the industry information service markt intern conducts its ‘mi’ performance review of fittings. For this purpose, retailers and installers from the sanitary industry are asked how satisfied they are with the product, sales, marketing and service performance of 11 established German fittings manufacturers.
Ever since the first survey was carried out for the performance review, HANSA has emerged as number 1 each time. The company has also been named as the industry leader by professionals from the sanitary trade in this year’s comparison, achieving an overall rating of 2.28 – way ahead of the average overall rating.
This impressively demonstrates the on-going commitment of the company to the trade in their quest for solutions which support installers in their important work.
Still a winner: HANSA tops sanitary fittings performance league for 20th time in a row
“We are proud and feel honored to have received such positive feedback from sanitary professionals. Their recognition is the greatest praise we could ever wish for. The results of the survey show that our concept of providing the trade with technical and practical support and completely devoting ourselves to a three-tier chain of distribution is proving successful”, said Pekka Kuusniemi, CEO of Hansa Armaturen GmbH.
“We will look to further improve our working relationship with the trade in the future and continue to be a reliable partner to professionals in the sanitary industry. We get our motivation from the results and the positioning of our direct competition”, he added.