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Our new Product Release 

Designed by Franklins New Zealand

in cooperation with M&Z Italy

"Made in New Zealand" tapware as many say in our industry.

But we don't want to mislead you...

In fact the term "Made in New Zealand" is often misused.
A contribution to design or assembly is for many good enough to brand their product as Kiwi made.

Regretfully we are not aware of a single tap that is effectively produced these days in New Zealand. For reaching an economical optimisation production is sourced overseas, with the priority focused on countries with cheaper labor and low cost materials. Yet marketing techniques are used to soften the edges of our awareness of this sad reality.

"Made in New Zealand" does not mean much.
The real question one has to ask is what is the country of origin?

At Franklins we keep our policy that there is no alternative for
Quality and Design

Therefor we remain focusing on European products
and started an intensive cooperation
with the reputable Italian company M&Z
to create and launch some new ranges
specialy designed for our New Zealand national needs.

With the Mont Blanc range we offer to New Zealand
quality at an accessible price.

Our NZ market know-how combined with M&Z's expertise,
results in this "Kiwi" tapware.

The Mont Blanc is a quality range at accessible price,
with a proud national touch.

The range is available in both "All Pressure"
and "High Pressure", called Mont Blanc Edition 2.


          Basin Mixer - All Pressure                              Shower Mixer - All Pressure                
          Basin Mixer - High Pressure                          Shower Mixer - High Pressure               Shower/Bath Mixer - High Pressure

       Low Pressure Wall Elbow                                  Boobie Plate                                      Kitchen Mixer - All Pressure
                                                                                                                                          Kitchen Mixer - High Pressure

           Slide Shower Set


New Zealand input 

combined with Italian design and production

to reach an optimal combination.