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Our new Product Release 




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HANSAFIT offers surprising and impressive benefits.

Developed in co-operation with the GGT Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gerontotechnik® (German Association for Gerontechnology), HANSAFIT is specially designed to meet the needs of the 50-plus generation.

The range incorporates clever solutions for “vital living“: ergonomically optimised throughout, easy to use, offering maximum safety.


Whether in private bathrooms or care facilities, for new builds or renovation projects: HANSAFIT fits perfectly, and always provides a functional enhancement.
With its modern look, the products fit any interior design style.

The HANSAFIT shower rail range is suitable for private bathrooms as well as exhibition and care facilities. 

The particularly strong rail provides security and an all-round good feeling. 

The HANSAFIT shower rail is available either with or without the attached horizontal grab rail.

This range can be perfectly combined with HANSAFIT shower or bath thermostats. 

The non-slip control elements in contrasting colours have a soft touch surface finish making them safe to operate. THERMO COOL ensures that the casing does not become hot offers safe protection against scalding.

Extremely clever:

The shower head of the HANSAFIT hand shower comes with an integrated EcoFlow function, which controls the flow of water without impairing the shower experience. 

The hand shower has 3 function sprays:

(1) LamiNar classic – needle spray, even, fine water streams.

(2) LamiNar Soft - soft, full water streams.

(3) LamiNar rain - voluminous, generous water stream.

Anti-limescale technology facilitates cleaning of the spray holes. 

Here again THERMO COOL ensures the casing does not become hot – for the highest possible level of safety.

HANSAFIT is the shower by excellence for the 50-plus generation.





Enjoy with all of your senses and make the most of it: HANSA particularly makes this possible when having a shower. 

The variety of modern HANSA shower systems and shower heads are attractive, impress and provide you with maximum safety and the utmost of comfort thanks to the HANSAPROTEC system. 

HANSA only works with high-quality materials such as KTW-certified plastics. The new hand showers are fitted with EASY CLEAN technology.

The way to relax into luxury with a clear conscience is shown by the new shower system HANSAFORSENSES.

It is as exciting as it is sensible, the epitome of indulgence combined with high level intelligence.

The innovative HANSA laminar technology guarantees a pure showering experience. Pure water without any added air flows through the enclosed system. This ensures that there is no swirling, no unpleasant noises and that the formation of particulate materials is kept to a minimum. 

You can enjoy the best showering experience without a worry, while saving energy at the same time.

Enjoy a luxurious shower with an all-round good feeling:
The luxury spa shower system HANSAFORSENSES will ensure you can enjoy this every day. High-quality and practical soap and shampoo storage and hand shower with massage function will pamper you.

The HANSAFORSENSES Hand Shower has 2 function sprays:

(1) LamiNar classic – needle spray, even, fine water streams.

(2) LamiNar active – needle spray, powerful, precision water streams.

It is also extremely quiet. fitting complies with the strict conditions under noise protection class 1.

Last but not least we have the economy function, consuming up to 50%  less water due to individually adjustable water saving functions.

A great benefit for you and the environment – an absolute pleasure!

HANSA, "Experience Water"

The HANSA brand encompasses the idea of designing water as well as fittings. An idea that hits home wherever there is water: across nations and borders and into the four corners of the earth. 

HANSA is therefore striving to create the perfect unity of design and functionality. This is reflected in fittings that are as functional as they are fascinating thus making it both possible: To use and experience water.

Quality Without Compromise

HANSA supplies the best quality in the market: a commitment that they have set themselves and is the standard on which customers base their evaluation.

HANSA meets this standard with both passion and purpose: providing products whose design, material, finish and technology continue to set new benchmarks.

Award-Winning Partner for Craftsmen

A host of coveted awards prove how well HANSA meets the highest of standards: in 2012, the readers of "markt intern", the business information service for German plumbing specialists, voted HANSA the "No. 1 specialist trade partner" for the 18th time in a row as part of the "performance report for sanitary fittings" that is awarded every two years.

The high degree of trust placed in HANSA by their partners is the driving force that has made HANSA strong and will also secure the future success of the HANSA brand.

More Than 100 Years of Success

HANSA has been active in this field for more than 100 years and is one of the leading companies in the industry. 

Success over such a long period is no coincidence but the result of commitment, experience and consistently sustainable company development.

Responsibility and Respect

HANSA only works with high-grade, durable materials, such as dezincification-resistant and corrosion-resistant brass
MS 63, plastics with the German KTW certification for drinking water and the WATER SAFE Hitec functional core. 

All of the brass parts that come in contact with drinking water in their basin models do not have a nickel coating,  to maintain existing drinking water quality.

Innovations to Increase Comfort

HANSA is one of the trendsetters in the industry. 

Modern materials, progressive concepts for concealed and exposed products, new technical solutions that help to save water and energy: time and time again they have been the first to launch important innovations. 

HANSA holds numerous national and international patents. This is further proof of the sustainable force behind the company – in the past, today and in the future.

Sustainability as a Company Principle

HANSA has a special sense of responsibility for the precious resources with which they work on a daily basis. 

The basic principle of sustainability has always influenced their way of thinking and working, as well as all of their products and production processes. They do not focus on individual steps, but rather on cycles, and always have the entire life cycle of a product in mind. They place great importance on timeless designs that have their own style and do not follow the latest trends.