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Our new Product Release



Bette Lux : The elegant all-rounder



Because the rim of the bath is only 8mm high,

the bath is discreetly integrated

into the bathroom architecture,

becoming at the same time a special element of design.


Thanks to its extremely narrow rom,

BetteLux is also suitable for flush installation,

for example sunk into a milled natural stone slab.

The fluency of the design can then be fully appreciated.





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Design by Tesseraux+Partner


tesserauxDominik Tesseraux, born in 1966 in Bensheim (Germany) lives and works in Potsdam.

After his training as a cabinet maker and after studying design in Darmstadt
he worked at different well-known german design-offices.

Today he works with his office tesseraux+partner, founded in 2001,
for several companies like Bette and was awarded several times for his work.



Durability & Sustainability


Bette has always been committed to the durability and quality of their products and to the sympathetic interaction with others to sustainability.

betteepdIt is evident in the natural raw materials they use with steel and the refined enamel surface BetteGlaze .

These enhance the functionality and appearance of the bathroom for many years as well as making an important contribution towards sustainable architecture – certified to ISO 14025 of the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

As a manufacturing company, Bette considers the subject in its entirety. In production, they combine decades of experience with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. They cover two-thirds of their energy requirement with electricity that they produce themselves.


Provided Bette enamelled baths are purchased and installed by qualified specialists and only original accessories used, Franklins gives an extended warranty of 30 years as per the warranty certificate.



Dirt and bacteria are unable to adhere to the glasshard, non-porous surface BETTEGLAZE®.

This makes it highly superior to softer materials or tiled areas.

UV Resistant


Thanks to Bette's special wet-in-wet process, BETTEGLAZE® is particularly smooth as well as colour and light-fast.

Which means that even after many years, the surface will still be as bright and shiny as on the very first day.



Bette features keep the noise down when their products are in use.

Clever installation systems prevent noise from being transmitted from the bathroom products to the building fabric.

Heat Conducting


Steel/enamel is a perfect heat conductor.

It quickly absorbs the warmth of the bathwater, including in the neck area and around the edge, to ensure the bather can enjoy a highly beneficial bath.

Impact Proof


The secret behind BETTEGLAZE® is the waferthin layer.

Like glass fibre, it remains flexible and resilient to the usual forces that occur in the bathroom.

A good feeling, especially in the event of momentary lapses in concentration.



The surface of BETTEGLAZE® is harder than marble, synthetic material or steel.

When used as intended, it is almost impossible that it will be damaged by any of the materials that are normally found in a bathroom.

Resistant to Chemicals


BETTEGLAZE® is very tough.

It is resistant to cosmetics and bath additives. Even nail polish will not mark it.



BETTEGLAZE® is fireproof and non- flammable.

Even a burning candle will not damage the surface.

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