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Our new Product Release


Sa.02 Collection  Galassia

Sa.02 is the collection that embodies values and lifestyle of Galassia.

It is the most famous and the most imitated collection.

The shapes are squared and clean.

The particularity is the small edge
in the underside of washbasins and sanitarywares 
that makes it stylish and harmonious in its line. 

Its strong character resulted in winning prestigious awards:

and the selection for the famous Italian Design Award:

Design      Logo


Our Galassia Sa.02 Top Basin
~ model GAL8953 ~
is a unique model finding a perfect balance in shape and size. 

Combined with the small edges it reaches esthetique perfection.

The GAL8953 is a winner for "on slab" situations.

The 52 x 50 x 27 size makes it an oustanding basin while emphasing practical and pleasant usage.

Galassia Galassia Galassia

GAL8951                                  GAL8953                                   GAL8954
WALL / TOP BASIN                         TOP BASIN                          WALL / TOP BASIN
40 x 35 x 18                             52 x 50 x 27                            52 x 50 x 18



The Sa.02 toilet and bidet are available in both
"Floor Standing" and "Wall Hung" versions,
giving liberty of design and functionality

Combined with the TECE Push Plates it reaches
perfection in Quality and Design




click on titles below to be directed to the prduct details

Floor Standing Back to Wall Pan Floor Standing Bidet




Wall Hung Pan
 Wall Hung Bidet


About Galassia




Quality of the territory, quality of the Company

Innovation in production finds it source of inspiration not only in the human wit but also in the Galassia ethos: in a territory of Italy rich of peculiar features, unique and famous worldwide.

The synergy between man and environment offers the chance to be expressed through Galassia products, places and our traditions. 

New shapes and solutions point out how the territory had shown vital modernity in the course of time.

The main target of the company is to offer the highlight standard of quality and beauty typical of Made in Italy, flagship of the product, which is able to get peculiar solutions so that the necessary becomes art. 

The passion and the will to offer high quality products paying attention to the environmental issue are the sign of a strong bond with our roots.

GalassiaGalassia are from an area called Alta Tuscia which is full of uncontroversial heritage of tradition and productive culture.

Artistic expression linked to creativity and technical skill, blended with the old ceramic traditions of the area, gives birth to true masterpieces that become the main characters of everyday design solution and furnishings.

A constant drive of researching our own traditions that starts from the territory which carries an important source of inspiration and development.

Galassia Lifestyle Video


click here or on the image above to see the video