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Our new Product Release


The fascinating world of KWC AVA

Beauty across the entire range

~   Your House  -  Your Space   ~


 The KWC AVA range of faucets combines pure design,

the latest technology and uncompromising Swiss quality.


KWC AVA bridges the gap between traditional, technology-based products and innovative,
design- based product development, setting new standards in bathrooms and kitchens

It represents a new, slimline style.

The Concept

KWC AVA is designed for the modern bathrooms and kitchens of today and tomorrow and offers something out of the ordinary at an attractive price.

Its design is slender, its operating elements fit your hand perfectly and its movement is natural, smooth and effortless.

At the same time, KWC AVA is extremely robust and sturdy. The technology is proof of KWC's expertise and years of experience, aimed at meeting the demands of the times: operationally reliable, long-lasting, economical and environmentally friendly.



The eye-catching feature of the KWC AVA faucet is its extremely flat operating lever.
The operating principle, with a concealed lever mechanism, is innovative:
it lifts and turns in one movement – effortless, harmonious, logical.

The Design

Both the look and the feel of KWC AVA are unlike anything else.

The design is timelessly contemporary yet highly distinctive in its details:

  • The seamless fusion of curves and angles, of cylinders and cubes, is a technical and visual stroke of genius.
  • The proportions are perfect – the dimensions are slim and refreshingly new.
  • The style is futuristic and the handling intelligent, simple and effortless.
The KWC AVA High Rise Basin mixer
is ideal for modern washstand arrangementswith a surface- mounted wash basin.

The Technology

Faucet and water, function and feeling, technology and playfulness: this new range of faucets from KWC brings all this together.

The technology sets new standards – in terms of ecology, the quality of the materials and the finish plus the ease of operation.

Truly Swiss, but anything but boring and traditional: KWC AVA is refreshingly new, urban, a pure faucet.

  • Extremely flat lever – a new look and a new feel.
  • Innovative, unique lever operating principle with a concealed mechanism: it lifts and turns in one movement – effortless, harmonious, logical.
  • Economical use of water: the fully integrated “Neoperl® Caché®” device reduces water consumption, saving around 30% imperceptibly, easily and with no loss of convenience.
  • Ceramic disc technology, tried and tested countless times.

The fully integrated “Neoperl® Caché®” device
reduces water flow and saves around 30% on water consumption!


The wall-mounted version of KWC AVA
demonstrates both its technical qualities and design excellence:

simply beautiful, distinctive, uncompromising.



KWC AVA Kitchen Mixers

Beauty across the entire range.

KWC AVA Kitchen Mixer turns the daily interaction with water into an experience of sparkling pleasure.

The combination of cylinder and cube forms a single harmonious unit that makes many things possible – and all things a little easier.


A clean sweep:

The modern kitchen sets high standards for functionality and hygiene, and the shapely KWC AVA soap dispenser meets both criteria.

Whether soap for your hands or washing-up liquid for the dishes: press just once and cleanliness is restored.


Using your head:

Beautiful design, intelligent contents:

simply touch the button on the spray head to switch from a Neoperl jet to a fine needle spray.




Long haul:

The pull-out aerator sits comfortably in your hand and offers complete manoeuvrability at all times.

Its ability to be extended up to 70 cm can be a decisive advantage in the kitchen.



Descaling made easy thanks to the special key for the Neoperl® Caché®
(supplied as standard). 

A bird’s eye view:

KWC AVA can be turned, rotated, swivelled up to 270 ̊ and viewed from above and below.

One thing, however, remains constant: the concept of a faucet that points the way into the future because it has learnt from the demands of the present.