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Our new Product Release 








Fashions and trends come and go.

But real values are forever: style and elegance, excellent materials, quality workmanship and reliability.

The HANSADISC range combines traditional truths and values with a cutting-edge, yet timeless design.

With its classic-modern stylistic vocabulary and characteristic gentle curves,
HANSADISC is perfectly harmonized with the latest ceramic trends in basin and bathtub design.

Soft, organic shapes experience a renaissance and create an atmosphere of comfort in every bathroom
by adding some visual warmth.

But HANSADISC is more than just an impressive statement for timeless design.

It is also the ultimate proof that design, quality and sustainability can be blended perfectly.

Resource friendly manufacturing procedures and durable, environmentally friendly product concepts go hand in hand.

HANSA fittings are silent and easy to maintain, while preserving water quality and guaranteeing maximum hygiene.



The most elegant way to be timeless

The nicest thing about HANSADISC is that the fittings do not conflict with the interior design and bathroom style – whether modern or classic.

Timeless and impressive design:
HANSADISC is the archetype of the basin fitting, a modern classic in the true sense of the word.



A classic and classy choice

HANSADISC combines values, thus offering additional value to the customer.

On the one hand, it is the design which is always pleasing to the eyes.

As HANSADISC is at the very pinnacle of elegance and class.

On the other hand, it is the functional and qualitative properties of HANSADISC
which provide a lasting style that will always impress.

The high- quality materials and workmanship can be seen and felt on a daily basis.

The smooth operation reflects the technical excellence inside the fittings.

The integrated hot water stop reduces the risk of scalding, while saving energy.

The high-quality finish goes hand in hand with an ease of installation that is second to none.

HANSADISC always provides the perfect solution.










HANSADISC is appealing as well as satisfying.

With its specific body and long, softly curved lever it is a fitting
whose elegant flowing shape is as easy on the eye as it is on your hands.

Reassuring to know – and yet another reason to trust HANSADISC:
as a fitting equipped with the HANSAPROTEC system, it guarantees healthy and carefree drinking water enjoyment.

Pragmatic benefits, such as the robust, easy-to-clean surfaces and 150° swivel spout, all add to the good impression.