Marmorin Small Bath Collection 1 - The World's Most Beautiful Bathroomware

Published : 2017-04-05 03:22:09
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Marmorin Small Bath Collection 1

Small Bath Collection 1
European designers from the  Marmorin Design Studio  created a series of baths that take less space yet remain extremely comfortable to use.
They offer the unique possibility to create high standard design bathrooms within limited space without compromising pleasure and beauty.
Sanitti Bath
The Sanitti Bath has a unique shape. The oval shape is curved in its height offering a pleasant view that smoothly integrates in both modern and classical style design.
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Though the bottom size is 900x480 only, the upper shape of 1538x800 combined with the smooth downward curves assures an extreme pleasant bathing experience.

Cleo Bath
The Cleo Bath has a straight lined top, yet its sides curve asymmetrically. This gives an optical unusual impression that is pleasant. The smooth shape assures a classical yet modern design and will never run out of fashion.
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The 960x540 bottom size allows having a comfortable bath in confined spaces. The large top opening of 1700x850 allows a practical step in while the side curves glide you into a comfortable sitting or laying experience.

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