VitrA Design Team, (Bathroom Group)

Design is at the core of the VitrA brand. In order to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and to bringing millennia of Turkish ceramic and bathing culture into the 21st century, VitrA has built a stable of designers that help identify new directions within bathroom and tile design. However, rather than creating fleeting moments of creativity, VitrA is interested in the longevity of collaborations, nurturing these relationships over time. This approach has made VitrA internationally recognized for its sophisticated aesthetic and fine-tuned ideas and concepts, which have earned the brand some of the world’s most prestigious design awards over the years.

   . . . .  Nisan  Tunçak                                                                                                                                                               


   . . .   Gürol  Erkal                                                                                                

                               . . . Tugçe  Karaca                                                                   


                                                                                     Begüm  Becermen     . . .   

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