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We take pride in our product range and endeavour to source the best products available to ensure that you, our valued client, receive best quality and exclusivity.

When you purchase Franklins products, you can be assured that you have the highest quality goods backed by a full warranty with total service and support.

Compare our bathroomware and you will find that our products meet and surpass equivalent products available in the market place for quality, design, function and affordability.

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Frequently Asked Warranty Questions


Do I need a receipt to claim my warranty?

Yes, proof of purchase is required before any claim of warranty can be considered.

What happens when I can’t produce a valid receipt?

Where no documentary evidence exists to support such proof, Franklin undertakes no responsibility to reimburse any repairs or exchange of products under warranty.

How long is the warranty period?

For most of our products, the warranty period is 5 years against any manufacturing defect excluding normal wear and tear.

For consumables, o-rings, slider controls, soap dishes and other perishables the warranty period is 1 year. Cartridges are 5 years. Shower hoses, kitchen hoses, hand sprays and electronics 2 years.

What is excluded from the warranty?

Common exclusions are:

      • Damage from daily wear and tear. Damage or any action by any party not authorised to perform warranty repair on the product. Damage caused by improper installation or improper connection to any system. Damage caused by refitting any replacement. Damage caused by accident, intentional or accidental misuse, abuse, neglect or improper maintenance. Damage caused by inappropriate use of suitable cleaning agents or material contrary to the manufactures stated instructions. Damage from use of parts not sold or manufactured by the Supplier. Non authorised disassembly of any parts will void warranty. Costs associated with the de-installation and re-installation of the product is not provided under this warranty.

You will need to refer to the individual product warranty sheets for more specific terms.

What products are covered under the warranty?

All local products have a warranty of 12 months against any manufacturing defaults excluding normal wear and tear.

For imported products the warranty period it is 5 years.

You will need to refer to the individual product warranty sheets for more specific terms as some of them could vary.

Is the warranty transferable?

Yes this warranty is transferable as it applies to the product not the purchaser. However, proof of purchase will be required to verify the transfer of ownership.

What are imported products?
BrandProduct Type
BettePorcelain on Steel Bathtubs and Shower Trays
EmcoBathroom Accessories
Franklins FurnitureBathroom Furnitures incorporating Tops and Basins
GalassiaVitreous Chinaware Toilets, Basins, and Tapware
MarmorinMineral Stone Basins, Vanity Tops and Baths
M&Z RubinetterieTapware
New AshcroftRound Shower Doors
RodiKitchen Stainless Steel Sinks
SchellCommercial Tapware and Flushing Valves
TeceInwall Cisterns
TrentworthShower Trays and Doors
VamaHand Dryers
ValdamaVitreous China Toilets and Basins
ViegaWaste Kits for Showers and Baths
VitraVitreous China Toilets and Basins
What are the local products?

Anything that is not listed in the above.

How about the Franklin Vanity Range?

The warranty period is 5 years against any manufacturing defaults excluding normal wear and tear.

You will need to refer to the individual product warranty sheets for more specific terms.

Is there a fee involved?

If no fault is found then a service fee plus GST will apply per call out.

What happens if I change my mind?

No warranty or assurance is given or shall be implied that the goods are fit for any particular purpose. The customer acknowledges that it relies entirely on its own skill and judgement as to the fitness for purpose, application, design, suitability, use and installation of goods. The customer hereby waives any rights it may have at Common Law, by statute or otherwise howsoever, against Franklin’s in respect thereof.

What do I need before making a claim?

Before making a claim, you need to make sure that you have a valid proof of purchase normally in the form of a receipt. Then contact the Branch and we will send an assessor to inspect your claim. In some cases this will incur a cost if no fault is found. Once we have reviewed the assessor’s report we will then advise you of the outcome.