Customer Service

We work with our customers on a one to one basis in order to retain a comprehensive and effective business relationship.

It is part of our policy to give you assistance with any project, from the refurbishment of your bathroom up to large developments. We are pleased to provide you our know-how and support with your specifications or any other issues.

Last but not least we are very concerned in providing you a reliable after sales service. This is undeniable in keeping us a top company for over 50 years in New Zealand.

Do contact us with you enquiries and we will guide you through the bathroom world.


Product Enquiry

Before bringing a product to the market, Franklins assures its quality and reliability.

We also ensure the know-how of our products. If you need any specifications or if you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact your nearest Franklins branch.

We will be glad to assist you and give you our advice so that you will have the products that best suit your needs.

You will find that we provide specification sheets in PDF format with most products featured on our website. Simply click the image and further options will be made available, such as measurements and specifications. We trust you will find these helpfull.



We have a special dedicated team to assist you with your specifications.

After discussing your requirements and receiving basic information regarding your project, we will happily provide you with a complete specifications service. Our know-how and daily practice will ensure that nothing is overseen.

Practicability, functionality and design are key parameters that are continuously kept in mind.


After sales

After sales is an integrated part of our business.

In some situations (and due to the increased copying of highly reputated products through parallel importing), Franklins will require a proof of purchase. We advise you to keep your records.

If you have any concerns, feel free to contact your Franklins sales point.



At Franklins we ship goods daily throughout New Zealand.

If you have any concerns regarding logistics, please contact your nearest Franklins outlet and we will ensure your goods are delivered in good order.

Feel free to contact our Head Office to discuss international transport possibilities at



At Franklins we do our best to ensure we deliver products and services of the highest quality.

However, in the rare event you are displeased with any issue, we would like to hear from you. We take your concerns seriously and kindly ask you to contact your nearest branch as per the "Contact Us" link on this web site.

We thank you for contributing in keeping Franklins a most reliable supplier.